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The Purpose of This Blog

The Purpose of This Blog

“I think I need an outlet”, is what I was thinking to myself as I a wrote the title of this blog post. When I say, “outlet”, I mean an outlet for my thoughts. I guess if you’re into Information Security then that you’ll enjoy many of those thoughts.

My name is Justin and I have been a Security Operations Analyst for the last 2 years. Primarily in a Blue Team function with a little bit of vulnerability management, Python development, and data loss prevention sprinkled in. I’ve also held various other roles in the Technology industry including Service Desk/Desktop Support and Application Development. Of the 15 years that I’ve spent in the Tech industry approximately 5 of that was in leadership roles.

So what kind of posts can you expect? Probably some opinion pieces, a healthy number of technical information posts, and maybe even some off-topic posts about my other interests. I’m also looking to write more in 2019 so I figure this is the best platform for me.

Enjoy your stay!